Death Wish – The World’s Strongest Coffee

Now, I didn’t take this stuff to a lab to get tested or do any kind of scientific work to prove their claim.  But what I did do is try it and well, that’s what this article is all about!  Let’s boil into Death Wish – The world’s strongest coffee!

The Find

One thing I like to do is follow various other coffee blogs and wander around the internet looking for interesting finds.  The other day I ran across a post about Death Wish Coffee.  Now I love dark roast coffees and one of my current favorites is Kicking Horse’s Kick-Ass Whole Bean Coffee.  So I decided to pick up and review Death Wish.  When comparing the two I’d say that Kick-Ass wins in the flavor and aroma arena but Death Wish did Kick-Ass when it came to giving me some jitters.

Needing A Closer Look

Death Wish’s packaging sheds a little bit of light on their coffee on the back of the package.  They mention that their coffee is a combination of beans and their “perfect” roasting process.  They also mention something about being the “most flavorful coffee in the world”.  While their coffee isn’t bad, it’s actually pretty good, I wouldn’t say their the best.  I will say one of the more intriguing things about this coffee is it’s Amazon reviews!  With over 15,000 (yes, thousand) reviews it has certainly captured the attention of a vast many people.  But you’ll notice a lot of the reviews seem to be for the fun of it.  I’ve included some below:


From Comical Nonsense

To Informative Yet Whimsical

To Fairly Helpful

The Aroma

Moving on – Death Wish’s aroma was fairly decent.  Like all well-roasted coffees, this one didn’t disappoint.  The aroma was inviting and exactly what you want in a decent coffee.  I will say that it being already ground was a minor hit on my scale it didn’t rob the coffee of much if any of its potential.

The Flavor

Death Wish’s coffee had me wondering what sort of way would be best to prepare this blend.  I originally thought I’d french press it, as to try and keep it as rustic as possible but I went ahead and used my dripper.  Controlling the water a bit more and allowing my dripper to work its magic didn’t leave me hanging.  Death Wish has a great flavor with really deep notes of chocolate and earth.

My Thoughts

Death Wish fires out of the gate with a pretty bold claim: “The world’s strongest coffee”.  And where I wasn’t having any heart troubles I did notice a substantial boost in my energy levels.  I found myself a bit peppier and energized than I normally would have with a ground coffee selection.

Bottom Line

Buy some Death Wish – You won’t be disappointed.  The coffee was good, the aroma decent and the caffeine claim was fairly accurate.  I haven’t tried all the other coffees in the world so I can’t judge their claim.  I have had some espressos that have left me wired for days, but that’s not really the same thing here.  As a matter of fact, I just may see what kind of espresso I can make out of Death Wish.

Until next time, keep brewing!

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