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If you’re anything like me the Amazon Basics brand is a bit of a hit or miss.  I’ve purchased several items from the good folks over at Amazon and some things are okay (like their batteries) and other things are misses (like the chair I’m currently sitting in).  The story here is that like all things you’re going to find something you like and something you don’t.

The Find

So, because this is a Coffee Blog and I love trying coffee I gave the AmazonFresh Nicaraguan coffee a try.  My first impressions are that the coffee isn’t very expensive (in fact compared to some coffees in the store it comes in under the average price tag).  One big bonus is that it is whole bean coffee.  And if you’ve read any of my other posts you’d know that I enjoy whole bean coffee over pre-ground for a few reasons.  Whole bean coffee is easily fresher.  The coffee has less surface area which allows less oxidation to take place in the coffee.  For some this might not be a huge deal but for anyone wanting a maximum coffee experience the fresher the coffee the better.  Additionally, whole bean coffee can be ground to your preferred coarseness.  Let’s take a closer look.

AmazonFresh Its okay

I’m going to jump right into my review of AmazonFresh coffee with my grade – It’s Okay.  I really do like that its whole bean and the coffee grinds without any hassle.  I’m not sure of a coffee that gives my grinder any issues but I felt it was worth mentioning.  I wanted to go with a more full-bodied experience so I fine ground my AmazonFresh coffee and used my dripper to give me an even overall experience.

The Aroma

AmazonFresh’s Coffee aroma is fairly decent.  I have no complaints but isn’t the strongest coffee aroma I’ve ever experienced.  The aroma hit all the right notes and was somewhat reminiscent of Dunkin Donut’s coffee in my opinion.  I’d say using Dunkin as a reference would be a good place to start.

The Flavor

As I mentioned above I used a finer grain grind on my AmazonFresh coffee in order to get a bolder experience.  The coffee was good.  It reminded me of Maxwell House a bit but with a little less … well, suck.

I was surprised with the flavor.  I wasn’t expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised that it delivered.  I wasn’t wowed but I was impressed with the taste versus the cost.  When comparing the cost versus the flavor I’d say that it outperforms against other coffees in its price point.

My Thoughts

I’d recommend this coffee to anyone looking for a decent cup of joe at a bargain.  A solid contender in the $7-$9 range.

Bottom Line

AmazonFresh gets my vote.  In all honesty, it wasn’t anything that I’d bat an eye at but at the same time I wouldn’t turn down a cup either.  Depending on my mood I’ll probably even buy it again.  But until then…

Keep brewing!

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