November 7

Coffee roll Dunkin Donuts



Some people love flavored coffee, while others don’t. It all comes down to one’s personal preferences.

The first coffee up is the Cinnamania Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. This 100% arabica coffee is packed with cinnamon goodness in every sip.

Dunkin Donuts has never been shy about flavoring its coffee. In fact, they come out with new flavored coffee all the time. And this time they came out with a Cinnamon Coffee Roll Dunkin Donuts flavor.

In fact, they have several and we think you might just enjoy what Dunkin Donuts has crafted here behind the scenes.

But let’s get our coffee roll Dunkin Donuts trip a real jumpstart with their other cinnamon coffee selection: The Cinnamon Coffee Roll Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

Another 100% arabica coffee that is sure to delight. Both are very highly rated by previous purchasers and we think you’d rate them the same.




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