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Difference Between Espresso Coffee Machines and Drip Coffee Machines



Coffee addicts everywhere are abuzz about two new coffee machines that have just been released into the market. These products, the French Press and Espresso Machine are not only designed to make great tasting coffee, but they also make the drinking experience much more pleasurable than it currently is. So which one do you think is best? Which one do you think is going to ultimately be your best choice?

Okay, maybe they’re not new. But still, they’re great.

Cue: The French Press. While some coffee addicts stick strictly to their drip machines, yet others have made headway into the socially unacceptable world of the French Press. It used to be that to make a real exception in a cup of coffee, you needed to personally know a specially trained barista who was in the business for many years. Now, however, with these two machines, it is as simple as filling up a cup and throwing it in the microwave or placing it in a thermos and that’s it. The difference in flavor that is produced is incredible!

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With the French press, you are able to grind the coffee beans coarse or fine. This depends on what your preference is, coarse coffee beans tend to go better with stronger espresso or lattes to fine beans can go well with mochas and other light desserts that don’t have too much cream and sugar. Also, depending on how you are going to make the coffee the difference in flavor can be very significant. For example, if you are going to make a really strong coffee then a coarse grinder will help make the coffee stronger without adding any extra cream and sugar.

Another difference between these two coffee makers is how they store their coffee. A drip coffee maker sits on the counter where it is right next to the appliance box. The carafe is a glass carafe with a hole in the bottom of it. With the French press, you have to brew an entire pot or carafe prior to drinking, this is due to the fact that the carafe must be made prior to the use of the French press as well.

An advantage of the French press over the drip machine is the flavor you can add to each cup. With the drip machine, you can add a variety of flavors and spices to each cup, this can make all the difference in whether you like your coffee or not. By brewing your own coffee you can choose what flavor you would prefer, but the French press allows you to create an entire pot just for the flavoring you want. Also, since each cup has its own distinct flavor you are able to create individual blends of flavor for each drink. This is not possible with the drip machine, which limits the variety of drinks you can make.

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One final difference between these two methods is cleaning. The drip machine is fairly simple to clean, all you have to do is remove the grounds from the top, add water and press the plunger to clear out the grounds. The French press requires you to use a strainer to remove the coffee beans from the pot, then it is important to rinse the pot and put it away. The French press does not require any cleaning, it is simply important to keep it in good condition so you can use it properly.

If you decide to purchase a drip coffee machine instead of a French press, there are some differences you will notice right away. The first difference is that you will be spending more money because a drip coffee machine uses a separate filter, bean hopper, and water reservoir than a French press does. Another difference is that the drip coffee machine will not allow you to grind your own coffee beans, which means you will have to purchase regular ground coffee to go into your machine.

Coffee lovers who prefer their morning beverages on the sweeter side will appreciate the French presses because they have a much smaller screen. This allows you to drink your favorite hot beverage while taking small sips of water and it does not use any caffeine. Some drip machines also have a safety switch that will shut off the water flow if the machine is knocked over, this is to prevent anyone from getting hurt by their mug. Coffee lovers who are trying to lose weight will enjoy drinking their daily dose of caffeine while being healthy because these drip machines are very low in calories.




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